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China’s LED Video Wall Equipment Manufacturers

CREUVIEW was founded: the company’s founder entered the LED display industry in 2010 and started as a general worker in the production line. He has done LED display module testing, LED lamp bead maintenance, LED display assembly testing, and Maintenance, LED display PCB design, LED display steel structure design, broad knowledge, rich accumulation, set up LED display company in 2019, committed to creating the CRUVIEW brand. Read more

China Bus Rear Window LED Display,High Brightness

The CREUVIEW engineering department recently received good news. It was produced by CREUVIEW and installed in the P5 electronic display of the rear window of the bus in Guangxi. The expert’s acceptance was completely qualified and passed smoothly. The user was very satisfied. highly recognition.

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Seduco Orders 48 Sqm Flexible LED Display

Creuview developed and produced indoor flexible LED displays. Compared with conventional LED displays, flexible LED displays can be any arc shape, can be distorted, can be displayed inside, can be displayed outside, using front maintenance and installation, better after sale. Convenience.

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Miami Andres orders 20 Pictorial LED Screens

Andres knows China very well. He actually bought products in China before, including LED stage lights, stage speakers and aviation frames. Due to his development in Miami, they recently needed a batch of LED pictorial screens and rental screens. He visited China for more than 10 days, and finally chose to cooperate with our company.

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