CREUVIEW has rich experience in production and installation: First of all, our company has 10 years of experience in the production, installation and commissioning of LED displays; secondly, we have strong R & D capabilities, dual-data and dual-signal power supplies for LED displays, and multi-functional interactive floor tile displays for multiple occasions. Finally, we can achieve customized production of a variety of special-shaped LED displays, you can trust!

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Principles of steel frame structure design for full-color large-screen LED display

The structural design of the full-color LED display should take into account reliability, flatness, integrity of the screen body, and ease of installation; Ease of installation and maintenance: The design of the structure needs to consider the convenience of installation and maintenance, such as maintenance access, wire passage, etc. Reliability: The structure is based on […]

Various installation methods of LED display

Today, LED displays are favored by all walks of life, so the installation methods are becoming more and more diverse. LED display manufacturers are also very powerful, and they have also developed bendable products to make curved LED displays. In order to allow friends who need to make LED display screens to quickly choose the […]

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