CREUVIEW has rich experience in production and installation: First of all, our company has 10 years of experience in the production, installation and commissioning of LED displays; secondly, we have strong R & D capabilities, dual-data and dual-signal power supplies for LED displays, and multi-functional interactive floor tile displays for multiple occasions. Finally, we can achieve customized production of a variety of special-shaped LED displays, you can trust!

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Overview of LED display

LED has the characteristics of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low driving voltage, ease of interface with a computer, and long replacement. The size of the screen can be seamlessly spliced ​​as needed, making LED the first choice for making flat panel displays. Blue LED is a product that appeared in the late 1980s. The appearance […]

LED display chip and drive mode

At present, LED full-colour displays generally use (R) red lights for Guanglei and (G, B) green and blue lights for Silan. The high-end die brands unanimously recognized in the industry are CREE, AXT and Japan’s Nichia. Our company can also use the high-end die to produce full-colour LED displays according to customer requirements. 1. CREE: […]