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How to buy LED display screens by seaside rivers and riversides?

In choosing a high-quality LED display, in addition to considering the quality of the display itself and reliable service, choosing the right LED display product according to different environments and uses is another guarantee. Below we will combine the seaside and riverside environment to understand the choice of LED display.

The most notable features of the seaside and riverside environments are high humidity, strong wind, strong ultraviolet rays, and easy water ingress.


In the later use process, excessive humidity will cause the PCB board, power supply, power cord and other components of the LED display to be more likely to be oxidized and corroded, resulting in failure. So this requires us to make anti-corrosion treatments on the PCB board when we make LED large screens, such as coating the surface with three anti-paints, etc., and use high-quality accessories for the power supply and power cord. The welding place is the most likely to be corroded. Pay attention to the protection work, especially the outdoor LED display frame, which is easy to rust, it is best to do anti-rust treatment.


Excessive wind, the most direct impact on the installation of the LED display, so before installing the display, we are required to do a good analysis of the force, taking full account of the wind factor.

3.Ultraviolet rays

Strong ultraviolet rays are more likely to cause the aging of the surface of outdoor LED display screens, thereby reducing its lifespan. The selection of excellent materials when making masks is beneficial to resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.


Usually the waterproofing mainly considers rainwater, and the waterproofing of special environments such as seaside and riverside should be considered more comprehensive. The seaside salinity and humidity are relatively high, and better waterproofing and the pH requirements that can be tested are required. Waterproof and salt-proof from all directions measure.


This is an easily overlooked factor. In this environment, the viewing angle is usually relatively wide and the audience is relatively wide. When choosing a product, it is necessary to fully consider its main audience to determine the requirements for the viewing angle of the LED display.

How to install the outdoor LED display to prevent water leakage?

When we are installing outdoor led display screens, if the installation is improper, water leakage is likely to occur. So how do we install it to avoid water leakage in the equipment?

This requires everyone to pay attention to the following points:

1.Add backplane and sealant: Some friends are very afraid of trouble. In order to save trouble, they don’t add backplane or backplane without sealant when installing the led display screen. Do you know that, once the time passes, the electronic components will inevitably enter water, and the display will have problems after many years.

2.Leakage port: If the display screen and the back panel are closely integrated, then the water leakage port must be tapped under it. The so-called water leak, to understand it in a simpler way, is used to leak water. To be honest, no matter how closely the front and back of the led display are combined, there is still more or less water in the environment under the years and months. If there is no leakage hole in the lower mouth, the water will inevitably accumulate more and more under the long-term accumulation. If the leakage hole is punched, the water will flow away, which will inevitably play a very obvious waterproof effect.

3.Appropriate wiring: What we need to remember is that when installing the led display, strictly speaking, the plug wiring must use the appropriate wire. Under normal circumstances, it generally obeys the principle of bigger than smaller. In other words, to put it simply, calculate the total wattage of the led display screen and choose a slightly larger wire, which can reduce the probability of causing the circuit to burn out.

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