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P8 outdoor surface mount SMD3535 full color LED display project case

Introduction and characteristics of outdoor P8 full-color LED display

Creuview uses high-quality red, green, and blue chips to be packaged in a three-in-one surface mount lamp bead. A three-in-one surface mount lamp bead is a full-color pixel. The surface mount lamp beads are evenly attached to the front of the circuit board at a certain interval and fixed by soldering

The lamp surface of the module is filled with waterproof glue, the back of the circuit board is affixed with electronic components such as driving and control, and then the finished circuit board is fixed and protected with a plastic kit. This is the basic display unit of the outdoor full-color LED display, referred to as the LED module. Multiple modules and waterproof rubber rings are assembled into a single LED box, and multiple boxes are assembled into a seamless LED large screen. The large screen needs to be equipped with a driving power supply and a control system before it can be used.

High display brightness: the brightness can reach more than 8000cd/㎡, so far no outdoor display product can surpass it, and the brightness of the LED display can be automatically adjusted according to the intensity of the ambient light, and the picture quality is clear and bright

Good display effect: Non-linear correction technology makes the image delicate, saturated color, strong sense of layering, smooth and vivid

High resolution: With the continuous breakthrough of outdoor small spacing, coupled with the larger outdoor screen area, the overall screen resolution has reached a higher level, which can more express high-definition picture quality and rich colors

High protection level: waterproof and dustproof design, protection level up to IP65, the selected materials are resistant to ultraviolet rays, deformation, aging, high and low temperature.

Good uniformity: The wavelength deviation can be controlled within ± 2nm, the chromaticity and brightness consistency can reach 99%, the flatness is ± 0.1mm, and the seam gap is less than 0.2mm, so that the color uniformity and consistency are excellent

Convenient operation: It is controlled by commonly used computer operating system and general playback software, easy to learn and understand, and the playback content and sequence can be edited at will

Ultra-long life: LED lamp beads can last up to 100,000 hours. High-quality light-emitting components are the core material of the display. The circuit board design is optimized to fundamentally ensure the life of the product.

Energy saving and environmental protection: LED display light-emitting materials are energy-saving products, equipped with constant current drive energy-saving IC and high conversion rate drive power, and the brightness can be automatically adjusted

Wide viewing angle: large-angle design, high-precision equipment and high-precision production technology, making the horizontal and vertical viewing angles wider

Stable performance: Unique anti-electromagnetic wave processing, distributed scanning technology, and modular design make the reliability and stability higher.

Wide playback content: It can display text, tables, images, animations, videos, etc., equipped with power amplifier and audio to synchronize the picture and sound, equipped with a TV box to rebroadcast TV programs, and equipped with a video processor to achieve live broadcasting

Multiple control methods: equipped with different control systems, which can realize synchronous control, asynchronous control, wireless control, network control, and remote control

Various shapes: rectangles, squares, arcs, circles and other customized designs can be made

Convenient maintenance: Modular design is adopted to make maintenance and replacement of spare parts convenient and quick.

P2.5 Full Color LED Display HD Small Pitch Project Case

Recently, there was good news. The P2.5 full-color LED display produced by CREUVIEW and installed in Xi’an Chanba Ecological Park was completed. The expert’s acceptance was fully qualified and passed smoothly. The user is very satisfied and gave CREUVIEW’s high-definition LED display. It is highly recognized.

   Among them, not only our products are praised, but also the vigorous and dedicated work style of the engineers and technicians shocked the customers. The customer of this project has been hesitant in the procurement comparison process. The poster customer sent someone to visit the company’s production scale and strength and product quality before signing the procurement contract. This resulted in a very tight construction period. When I arrived, I rushed to the project site and worked overtime all night to install and debug, which was completed one day earlier than the scheduled construction period. The customer was impressed by CREUVIEW’s engineering services.

 P2.5 high-definition small-pitch LED full-color display, produced with imported brand chips, high-brush driver IC, and special anti-shadow circuit design. Effectively eliminate moiré, wide color temperature adjustment, low brightness and high gray effect, high refresh rate, non-reflective, ultra-high resolution, realistic color reproduction, seamless vision, nanosecond response speed, low power consumption, ultra-quiet And other advantages. Widely used in electric power, civil air defense, transportation, radio and television, public safety, conference rooms, water conservancy and water affairs, tobacco and other industries: indoor control rooms, large conference centers, security monitoring, production emergency command, large-scale performances, competitions, radio and television industry background walls , Commercial brand display, public information display, etc.

Chaos in competition among full-color LED display manufacturers

Full-color LED display manufacturers say that the industry is not easy to do, in fact, there are many aspects, but the most critical point is the confusion of market prices.

The larger manufacturers are those listed companies, and their energy is devoted to making some small-pitch LED display products. For one thing, the small-pitch products raise the barriers to entry. If you want to produce small-pitch LED displays, then It is necessary to have the material conditions for the production of small spacing. First of all, technically this condition, and the technology also needs the support of machinery and equipment. Some small manufacturers are trapped in not having much capital to purchase equipment, and the profit of small-pitch products can be profitable. To reach the height reached by ordinary products, this is their profit growth point. Some large listed companies will share this cup of pie, and there is not much time to make conventional products.

In addition, some midstream manufacturers have higher prices, but they are relatively low and not much lower than those of listed companies. Some midstream manufacturers have inventory. Listed companies can advance funds to do some projects, but these companies can’t do it. Now that labor costs are rising year by year, some midstream companies have a very difficult time. The increase in raw material costs (the price of raw materials purchased by the month is about 3-5 points higher than the price of raw materials purchased in cash) This has led to the middle and upper reaches of the LED display. The development of the enterprise encounters big problems. If the suppliers come to ask for money together, they will go bankrupt without too much money to advance. Only by raising the price of the product to increase the profit brought by the display product To maintain the difficult development of the enterprise, the price of such a manufacturer is higher.

There are also some manufacturers that specialize in wholesale. Wholesale may be equal to the price. No business man in this society can truly tell you from the heart that I sell this thing to you, and I don’t make a penny. I owe it to you, as long as a businessman tells it to anyone, no one will believe it. The raw materials they use can tell you here, but they only do wholesale and will not care about your after-sales service. Take the ph10 outdoor full-color screen as an example. LED lights are the key to large LED screens. In the cost of raw materials, they account for 50-60% of the cost. Which of the better lights in Shenzhen’s packaging factory has a relatively ordinary price. The price of the packaging factory is 300-800 yuan per square, and the driver IC is even more informative. Nowadays, the most popular in the market is to sell under the brand of a certain brand in Taiwan, but in fact the appearance is used. The same other unbranded ICs have the model of a certain Taiwanese brand written on them. This cost can also be saved. The article on the circuit board is probably the thickness of the wiring inside the circuit board. If the thickness does not meet the requirements, the screen will In the use process, the wires are interrupted. If there are fewer wires on a board, you can fly a few wires out and connect them outside. If there are more, the module is basically scrapped.

There is also the cable. You can take a closer look at all the manufacturers who do wholesale. They are basically copper-clad aluminum cables, and more aluminum cables. This kind of wire will heat up during use. If you don’t believe it, you can try it yourself. Click; there is also the cabinet. If you buy a small display, it doesn’t matter. If you buy a large-screen cabinet, it’s fine. Generally speaking, the thickness of the cabinet should be at least 1.2mm or 1.5mm. The industry uses a 0.8mm box, is it easy to deform? Think for yourself! The quality of the mask and the kit is the most direct thing is the mosaic of the mask, the deformation or even the crack of the kit. The quality of the glue does not have much impact on the price of the LED display. If you install the screen in a foreign project or close to a place with heavy humidity, you want to consider using steel for a mask screw. By the way, the market should not be obsessed with the LED light-emitting diodes of all-chips given by manufacturers, so I won’t say much here. Creuview insists on selecting stable brand materials, reliable product quality and stability to ensure long-term stable use by customers.

Full-color LED display 3D technology accelerates to seize the share of LCD screens

Judging from the market’s response in 2013, the application of high-definition indoor full-color LED display is mainly to replace indoor DLP, LCD, projection, etc. The application areas include conference video, security monitoring, command and dispatch center, etc. From the perspective of the entire indoor display industry, the sales of DLP, LCD, projection and small-pitch LED displays in 2013 were about 11 billion, and the indoor display market share in 2014 and 2015 could reach about 15 billion.

  To enter the civilian market, LED TVs need to make further breakthroughs in some technologies and applications. First of all, the problem of the display screen, the current display point of LCD TVs can achieve 0.58, even smaller and 0.4, 0.3. If LEDs are used instead, further breakthroughs in the upstream technology of the display LED industry chain are needed; secondly, application companies are required Further in-depth research and development will be carried out to combine the panel and the cabinet more effectively; in addition, can the combination of the PCB board and the LED panel be separated? If the LED TV fails, only a simple module replacement is required by the maintenance personnel. These are issues that application companies need to make further breakthroughs in the R&D process; again, further reduce prices and gain wider market acceptance. It is worth pointing out that the current comfort problem for direct viewing of LED TVs with human eyes has been solved, which is mainly manifested in the technical indicators of low brightness and high grayscale.

  However, it is worth mentioning that LED displays have made initial breakthroughs in naked-eye 3D display effects. In the future, full-color LED displays will truly achieve high-definition displays. At the same time, with naked-eye 3D high-tech functions, it will be LED indoor One direction of the display’s value-added. The naked eye 3D LED display not only brings shocking display effects to the audience, but also realizes a healthy and comfortable naked eye vision 3D feast. Just imagine, when the audience take off the shackles of traditional 3D glasses and easily enjoy movie theaters and commercial advertisements in public places, the naked-eye 3D LED display will become the focus of the audience.

Asynchronous control scheme and characteristics of led electronic display

The asynchronous graphic control technology of LED electronic display means that the LED screen has the ability of storage and automatic playback. The edited text and non-gray-scale pictures on the PC are transmitted to the LED screen through the serial port or other network interface, and then the LED screen is offline. Automatic playback, generally does not have the ability to display multiple grayscales, mainly used to display text and simple graphic information, and can be connected to multiple screens. The main control PC transmits the information to be displayed and various control commands to the control board in the screen through serial communication. The control board in the screen contains a single-chip microcomputer and memory. The control board in the screen stores the information, and then displays it in accordance with the command. On the screen.

   (1) Main features of asynchronous system

   1. Due to the limitation of content storage space, most of the displayed content is mainly text, pictures, and characters.

  2. Because the principle of the asynchronous system is to store the content to be displayed in the control system in advance, so as to avoid occupying the control computer. Can save costs.

  3. It is mostly used for display screens with a small area that do not need to be changed frequently.

   (2) Points for Attention in Asynchronous Graphic and Text Control Technology

   1. Adapter: The host computer uses the serial port RS232 protocol to go online through the RS232-RS485 adapter, which is an optical isolation type.

  2. Control panel: Receive the information to be displayed and various control commands transmitted by the PC through serial communication. The control panel contains a single-chip microcomputer and memory. The control panel in the screen stores the information, and then displays it on the screen according to the command. Features are as follows:

   1. When the vertical dots are within 128, the horizontal dots can be up to 2000 dots. If the vertical is 16 points, the horizontal can reach 4000 points.

  2. The large-capacity memory supports the first- and second-level Chinese fonts and a large number of proprietary fonts, and the storage capacity is 16 scenes.

  3. It can be controlled by computer or displayed offline.

   4. The information can be stored for 1 year after power failure.

   5. With perpetual calendar real-time clock function.

   (three) single network cable (four cores)

  Using a four-wire system: a pair of differential twisted-pair wires receive, and the other pair of differential twisted-pair wires send. The communication distance is 1200 meters. It adopts a bus-type networking structure, with a maximum of 32 lower-level computers.

   (four) host computer editing and broadcasting software

   Communication screen LED program editing software, in line with LED graphic screen control protocol. It is suitable for editing and broadcasting text and image programs of multiple monochromatic or dual-primary color LED display screens of different lengths and different widths. Send 16 more programs each time.

  (5) LED graphic screen control protocol

   1. This protocol supports dot-matrix single-color, dual-color, graphic and text networked LED displays.

   2. The networking form is bus type, the upper computer is a PC computer, and the lower computer is the single-chip microcomputer in the LED display control board. It adopts four-wire system, and the online protocol is RS485.

   3. The host computer adopts the serial port RS232 protocol to go online through the adapter conversion.

   4. Support TCP/IP protocol transmission.

  Asynchronous system is mainly applied to the display screen with a small area and does not require the display content to be displayed synchronously with the control computer. Such as the dynamic display of various bar screens and small and medium-sized screens, various types of industry users (such as bank announcements, recruitment information releases, product information releases, etc.). Under normal circumstances, single-color or two-color display screens generally use asynchronous control systems.

Several major characteristics of the LED display market in the Year of the Ox

Price cut: helpless to continue. The price drop of LED display terminal products best reflects the helplessness of the industry. A company once said that the average price per square meter of LED full-color display products in 2009-2011 was 12,400, 12,000, and 10,700 respectively. , The average selling price in 2011 decreased by 13.71% compared to 2009. The company did not point out the price of its products in 2012 and 2013. In fact, according to the average selling price in the market, the price per square meter of LED full-color displays ranges from several thousand yuan. The price is publicly bid by the manufacturer. Depending on the material and process, taking outdoor P10 as an example, the price per square meter ranges from 4,000 to 10,000 yuan. If it is a wholesale indoor full-color display, the price is even lower. It can be seen that the continued decline in the price of LED display products in 2013 is a manifestation of industry competition, and this trend will continue.

   Second, run off, in 2013, the living environment of LED display companies is not optimistic. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have scale advantages and product advantages, it is even more difficult to find a balance in the cracks. As the price of LED displays is becoming more and more transparent, and the payment cycle is getting longer and longer, the company doing project engineering has to deal with the entanglement of customers, but also take responsibility for the supplier. Therefore, once bad debts or product problems are discovered, it may be possible As a result, the entire enterprise cannot be turned around, and finally it has to go bankrupt. Big Horizons, Haobo, Vision Light, Everlight, Shifang, and other billion-dollar enterprises are also unable to escape bad luck, and the impact of their bankruptcy is huge, leaving behind a lot of debts. In the end, innocent employees and suppliers are injured. NS.

   Third, channels: continue to be hot. Channel competition has always been a must for LED lighting companies. However, in recent years, LED display manufacturers have also begun to be keen on expanding channels, mainly because display products have become more standardized and large-scale. Whoever can get the support of distributors across the country can cover the national market and expand its influence.

Fourth, expansion: non-stop. Some people say that the LED display industry market competition is so stimulating, how can anyone expand production? This statement is wrong. Not all companies are compressing their own business. On the contrary, the market downturn has eliminated some companies while also giving some companies opportunities. Chips have received many government preferential treatments or direct subsidies for their expansion. Some companies have also continued to expand their production due to industrial needs. The construction of industrial parks is ready for subsequent production. Of course, some manufacturers of wholesale display screens are also constantly expanding production. Although their profits are meager, their business seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

   Fifth, subdivision: a common practice. When the argument that the LED display market is saturated began to circulate in the industry, many visionary companies have begun to focus on emerging market segments. The competition of display screens in the conventional field depends on the strength and price of the enterprise, but the more segmented market depends on the technical ability of the enterprise. At present, the LED display industry has gradually opened up some new growth highlights, such as high-density and small-pitch LED displays, and thus put forward the concept of LED super TV; such as outdoor surface-mounted LED displays, which will be outdoor direct-plug displays The future replacement device of the screen.

   Sixth, integration: has become a trend. Integration includes horizontal integration and vertical integration. Enterprises can choose the way of integration according to their own development needs. Many companies separate marketing from the two major sectors of display and lighting at the same time, which is a kind of integration; Sanan Optoelectronics and National Star Optoelectronics, through equity participation or establishment of branch companies, spread their antennae throughout the upstream chip, midstream packaging and downstream application fields, which is also a kind of integration; Epistar in Taiwan, China, is using virtual vertical integration as a strategy to strengthen its export on the application side; more display companies are doing integration actions in the form of bundling or alliances with suppliers. In short, integration has become an unstoppable trend in the LED display industry, and it is also a direct contributor to the future market structure.

Did you buy the right indoor and outdoor LED display?

When selecting and applying Shenzhen LED display, the key points are in these aspects, and the following will give you an explanation:
1. Detailed description of the life of indoor LED electronic screen
The service life is 100,000 hours. The technical documents produced by the LED raw material manufacturer indicate that the life of the LED luminous object is 100,000 hours under ideal conditions. The ideal situation means that the LED luminous object will never shine under the condition of constant voltage and constant current power supply in the laboratory. By the time it does not shine at all, 100,000 hours will be converted into 11 years. The LED display screen currently uses civilian-grade components, and its application life span does not exceed 8 years.

The function of the LED display is the display function. When the LED display is on and can only be seen at night, it cannot be explained that it is up to the standard and has the value of the commodity. A car can run for 15 years, and if it is not used for 3 years, it will be charged. The natural environment and method of application are quite harmful to the life span of the product.

2. Price selection of indoor LED electronic screens
The choice of LED display depends on the comparison of the use effect and not simply on the price. Because the prices on the sales market are too chaotic at this stage, many prices are not even the cost of people’s products, which indicates that the raw materials used are not very good, so when customers buy goods, they must grasp the company’s status and a display screen. How much is the cost and price, customers can not only pay for the goods, but pay attention to the useful life and display effect of the LED display.

The LED display is the ultimate fusion of high-tech and news media. It can vividly present the core concepts of beauty and fashion, and it can completely become a new force in stage design, in new stage performances and outdoor advertising. Ways continue to appear, from traditional LED billboards, to solid-color word-moving screens, to today’s wonderful LED displays. With the development trend of the LED manufacturing industry, outdoor media advertising methods have become more and more fashionable, and may become the development trend of urban new media in the next few years.

At this stage, most of the KTV nightclubs, etc. install ultra-clear displays in the rooms. Outdoor LED displays have already occupied 80% of the outdoor media advertising industry’s market share, becoming a new carrier of large and medium-sized outdoor media advertising. 160-degree angle, broadcast-level color saturation, LED color temperature and chromaticity are intelligently adjustable, which is more suitable for long-term watching.

How to buy LED display screens by seaside rivers and riversides?

In choosing a high-quality LED display, in addition to considering the quality of the display itself and reliable service, choosing the right LED display product according to different environments and uses is another guarantee. Below we will combine the seaside and riverside environment to understand the choice of LED display.

The most notable features of the seaside and riverside environments are high humidity, strong wind, strong ultraviolet rays, and easy water ingress.


In the later use process, excessive humidity will cause the PCB board, power supply, power cord and other components of the LED display to be more likely to be oxidized and corroded, resulting in failure. So this requires us to make anti-corrosion treatments on the PCB board when we make LED large screens, such as coating the surface with three anti-paints, etc., and use high-quality accessories for the power supply and power cord. The welding place is the most likely to be corroded. Pay attention to the protection work, especially the outdoor LED display frame, which is easy to rust, it is best to do anti-rust treatment.


Excessive wind, the most direct impact on the installation of the LED display, so before installing the display, we are required to do a good analysis of the force, taking full account of the wind factor.

3.Ultraviolet rays

Strong ultraviolet rays are more likely to cause the aging of the surface of outdoor LED display screens, thereby reducing its lifespan. The selection of excellent materials when making masks is beneficial to resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.


Usually the waterproofing mainly considers rainwater, and the waterproofing of special environments such as seaside and riverside should be considered more comprehensive. The seaside salinity and humidity are relatively high, and better waterproofing and the pH requirements that can be tested are required. Waterproof and salt-proof from all directions measure.


This is an easily overlooked factor. In this environment, the viewing angle is usually relatively wide and the audience is relatively wide. When choosing a product, it is necessary to fully consider its main audience to determine the requirements for the viewing angle of the LED display.

Do you know the six major directions for the future development of LED displays?

1.Development towards energy saving

LED (semiconductor light-emitting diode) itself is very energy-saving, its characteristics are: high luminous efficiency, long life, easy control, maintenance-free; it is a new generation of solid cold light source, light color is soft, colorful, colorful, low loss , Low energy consumption, is a green and environmentally friendly product. But when it is made into an LED display, the power consumption is not small. The working voltage of the LED is generally 3.2V, and the maximum working current is 0.02A, which means that the maximum power consumption is 0.06W. However, large LED screens are large screens, which require a lot of points. Take the outdoor P16 display as an example: there are 3906 dots per square meter, and one dot has three RGB lights, then the power consumption calculation formula for one square meter is 3906 (dots) × 3 (lights) × 0.02 (A) × 5(V)=1172W (maximum power consumption, calculated according to the entire screen), the outdoor screen is at least tens of square meters, or even hundreds of square meters, then the total power consumption is very large. Therefore, reducing the power consumption of the LED display and realizing real energy saving are definitely the most important development direction of the LED display.

Second, develop towards lightness

At present, the most manufactured product in the industry is the iron box screen. The light screen weighs more than 50 kilograms per square meter, plus the weight of the steel structure, and the overall weight is very heavy. Even if it is a small and medium-sized project of tens of square meters, the total weight must be in tons. In this way, many floors of buildings are difficult to withstand such heavy attachments, and the load-bearing balance of the building and the pressure of the foundation are not easy to accept. Therefore, lightness is also the development direction of large LED screens.

Third, develop in the direction of thin and transparent

The commonly used electronic products in our lives, TV sets are becoming thinner and thinner, many mobile phones also use ultra-thin as a product highlight, and computer monitors are also developing in a thinner direction. The product becomes thinner and the weight is correspondingly lighter, which makes it easier to transport and to assemble the display screen. Large LED screens must also keep up with the mainstream of the era of electronic products. Let’s talk about “permeable”. “Permeable” refers to both air and light. If the large LED screen is installed on the top of a high-rise building, then air permeability is very important. The greater the air permeability, the smaller the wind resistance, the stronger the wind resistance, and the greater the protection of the product. If the LED display is installed on the side of a high-rise building, then the product can transmit light and will not affect the indoor lighting. Otherwise, after the product is installed, it will become a dead wall, making the room as dark during the day as at night. In summary, light transmission is also the development direction of large LED screens.

Fourth, develop in the direction of patent protection

From the perspective of global LED patent status, as far as technology is concerned, LED has the characteristics of high technical bottleneck but low entry barrier. The initial investment amount is small and the capital threshold is not high. In order to maintain technological competitiveness and reduce the risk of technological spillover, patents are the best way to protect. The patent barrier is the main means for the first to enter manufacturers to avoid competition. Therefore, patents have become an important issue that cannot be avoided in the development process of the LED industry, but the entire industry has not paid much attention to it. After the start of the LED display industry, there was basically no adjustment and development, and it directly entered a stage of fierce competition. Everyone was busy fighting for the market and expanding the scale, and hardly spent much energy on product research and development, and had not considered knowledge. Property rights are protected, and some new technologies have not been applied for patents in time. As the industry gradually matures, regulates, and protects one’s intellectual property rights and intangible assets by applying for patents is also the inevitable development direction of the LED large screen industry.

Fifth, develop in the direction of fast and accurate splicing

This is mainly for the LED rental display. Lease is characterized by frequent disassembly and assembly to meet temporary needs, so the display cabinets must be able to be spliced ​​quickly and accurately. Just like an outdoor temporary concert, you need to rent a background display of about 50 square meters, and the decision to use a display may be installed two days before the concert. In view of this situation, if the products cannot be spliced ​​quickly and accurately, there will be no way to meet the requirements of the site. Even if it is a fixed installation, this requirement is also required, otherwise it will increase labor costs, affect the flatness of the large screen, and thus affect the display effect. Therefore, fast and accurate installation is also the development direction of LED display.

6.Development towards standardization

At the beginning of this century, huge market demand made large LED screen companies sprung up. Almost overnight, thousands of LED display companies appeared on this magical land in Shenzhen. At the beginning of the establishment of the new enterprise, there will be products to display and sell immediately. Independent research and development of new products has a large investment and a slow speed, so everyone is trying to take shortcuts, sloppy designs, and mutual plagiarism have become a common problem at this stage of the industry. It is not just that the products between companies have different dimensions, mounting holes, etc., even their internal products are also uneven. The mounting fixing plates, hole positions, and screw specifications of the same type of product are not universal. This pair of parts Procurement, material preparation, after-sales service, etc. cause great inconvenience. Therefore, the standardization of LED large-screen products is also an inevitable trend.

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