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How to install indoor LED display?

In order to let more friends understand the installation of LED display, as a professional manufacturer of LED display in the industry, it is the responsibility and responsibility to introduce the correct installation method of the LED display to friends. The following are installation instructions and precautions for indoor LED display magnets, please refer to:

  1. Make a steel frame structure (made according to the size requirements of the drawing), and then fix the finished shelf on the wall or hang it. can.
  2. First, connect the module power cord to the power supply, each power supply is connected to two one-to-three or three one-to-two power cords, according to the manufacturer’s configuration number, pay attention to the positive and negative polarity, the red wire is connected to the positive and the black wire Connect to the negative pole. Then fix the power supply in the corresponding position and fix it according to the position of the drawing. Connect the power supply directly to the 2.5 square cables, and pay attention to the live wire and the neutral wire not to be reversed. Usually, the red wire is connected to the live wire (L), the blue wire is connected to the neutral wire (N), and the yellow wire is grounded. The wiring sequence must be uniform and cannot cross;
  3. Fix the receiving card in the corresponding position, and fix the position according to the drawing. Connect the power cord of the card to the output end of the power supply in the same way as the power cord of the module. The power terminal of the receiving card is marked with positive and negative poles or 3-6V and GND. The GND terminal is connected to the black wire, and the 3-6V terminal is marked to be connected to the red wire. Don’t reverse it. Then insert the long flat cable into the receiving card. There are many sizes of the long flat cable. Pay attention to the order of length according to the distance between the card and the module. Do not plug the cable backward. Generally, the sockets are fool-proof and are not easy to plug them backward. Then connect the receiving cards in series with a network cable. Now the network port of the receiving card basically has no distinction between input and output. The previous old card should be in the order of left in and right out. The serial sequence of the network cables should be connected in a U-shaped or N-shaped sequence, and do not cross randomly;
  4. Put the magnets on the module. Generally, there are 4 magnets on each module (that is, four magnets on the opposite corners). Generally, the standard configuration of the manufacturer is 4 magnets for each module. According to the size of the module and the module on-site, The actual weight of the magnets is subject to the ability to hold the module. Insert a short cable into the output end of the module (for the output of the module to the input end of another module). Fix the modules on the steel frame in order, pay attention to the space between the top, bottom, left, and right when installing, do not misalign, and the flatness should be consistent. The long cables from the receiving card to the module are arranged in order from top to bottom. Start the installation from top to bottom. Each module must have a cable and power cord connection, which can not be omitted. After installation, you can power on and debug.