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One of my overseas floors led display shopping experience

I am in the United States, and my name is Jacy. We have a performance hall. The stage has a rental LED display background. Recently, we plan to consider buying LED floor display for stage performances. The boss hopes that the dance will be more atmospheric and beautiful. When the camera is shooting, only the LED background on the stage increases the viewing effect, so I want to buy a display screen displayed on the ground.

Due to the recent epidemic in the United States, it is challenging to buy many products; life is worrying! Many supermarkets here are closed, many restaurants are also closed, let alone buy better electronic products. The US epidemic is indeed too difficult! The number of employees and performances in our stage art industry is also decreasing day by day, so it is essential to increase the stage’s dynamic fashion effect. The conventional stage rental LED display in the United States is easy to buy. However, the cost is relatively high, and the display quality is still inferior. I have visited many manufacturers. I heard that the cost is still very high. I heard a friend say by accident: “Why don’t you have to think about buying abroad. There are many LED electronic products in China. Especially in Shenzhen, the world’s LEDs look at China, and the Chinese LEDs look at Shenzhen! Their LED display effect is good, and the cost is meagre!” I felt overjoyed and found new hope!

But we have never bought LED electronic products abroad. We are anxious about the quality of the products. Will we encounter scammers? What is the quality of Chinese factory service? If there is a problem in one of these problems, then I will lose a lot. Later I found a friend named Antaki, who often buys products in China. And I asked him to introduce several Chinese manufacturers specializing in producing interactive LED floor tiles. Finally, I was fortunate enough to meet Creuview manufacturers. Scott has 12 in the LED display industry. Years of experience specializing in the production and development of LED displays. Especially in interactive floor LED display screens, it has its advantages and is independently developed by itself!

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To buy a satisfactory Floor LED display, the display effect is stable and precise. We compared a few at the beginning and asked them to send in the floor tile LED display modules for testing. The products include acrylic masks, tempered glass masks, and It is Scott’s professional interactive LED floor tile screen kit. After comparison, we unanimously agree to use this interactive LED floor tile screen kit and module. 2. Some companies can only accept renminbi and can only enter individual Chinese personal accounts. The remittance fee is expensive; some companies have overseas corporate bank accounts, which can directly accept US dollars. The remittance fee is low; whether there are overseas bank collection accounts is also correct. It is also significant for us. 3. The company’s service quality can meet the installation and debug of interactive LED floor tiles. In the final comparison, we chose Creuview to cooperate, signed the contract, transferred the advance payment, and paid the final payment after production!

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