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What is so good about outdoor LED displays?

1.Only outdoor LED displays can provide large-area advertisements with a minimum of a few square meters, followed by tens of square meters, and a maximum of hundreds of square meters or even thousands of square meters. Such momentum and influence cannot be achieved by other media.

2.Only the outdoor LED display is a tangible entity, where the audience can stay and interact with each other. Such scenes and experiences cannot be achieved by other media.

3.Outdoor LED display screens exist in various public spaces in the city, which can create various environments or functions for people to stay in according to local conditions: make waiting more interesting, make scenery along the way, light up street night views, beautify the image of the city, and keep information at any time Do whatever you want, wherever you want. In short, technology and creativity make the space humane, and the stickiness between people and the media is further enhanced.

4.There are outdoor LED displays in or near major work, consumption and entertainment places in a city. The main roads leading to these places are also covered with outdoor LED displays. Therefore, in the increasingly important localization marketing, The role of outdoor LED display in guiding offline sales and gathering surrounding people is indispensable and immediate.

5.Outdoor LED display has physical and spatial attributes, and its inclusiveness is the strongest. The outdoor LED display is installed on the wall of the city building, and it is installed in a column type, and has various forms. It can seamlessly connect the short time of passing small groups of people, and it can also be used as a conversion port to connect offline and online in real time to achieve cross-screening. Spread.

Outdoor LED displays are in a stage of rapid development and growth. In the future, there will be more and more requirements for outdoor LED full-color displays in the market, and the standards will become more and more stringent. If you do not improve your own quality, It is bound to be eliminated by the industry. However, it is not so easy to make a high-quality outdoor full-color LED display. It is well known that heat dissipation and waterproofing factors affect the stable operation of outdoor LED displays, as well as harsh weather, harmful gas corrosion, ultraviolet light, and dust. Impurities, humidity and other reasons can also cause frequent failures of outdoor display screens. How to fundamentally solve these problems is the key to doing a good job of outdoor LED display.

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