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A Lot Of Outdoor Led Screen Was signed by Customer

In September 2019, our company and Ivorian Orange successfully signed a P4 outdoor full color LED display for more than 500 square meters.

This project has a total of more than 500 small LED display screens. This advertising screen uses a low-voltage power-saving energy-saving solution, which saves more than 50% of energy than conventional LED displays. At first, customers did not meet the strength of our company. Not long, very hesitant; we suggest customers to buy a sample for comparison, after that, customers bought 3 advertising LED display samples, they put 3 LED displays on the outdoor solar power supply, after up to 3 months Time to test!

During the LED display test: Some of the electronic screens in one of them had some minor faults, which were manifested in insufficient power supply, the display screen was not working properly, the brightness was quickly reduced, and the display was blurred. Another LED display used a poor PCB and lamp beads, and there were unknown dead lights.

However, after the CREUVIEW brand company has adopted a comprehensive understanding and analysis of customer projects, we have adopted a low-voltage power supply solution and adopted high-quality LED display energy-saving lamp beads. We optimized the LED display PCB when the LED display was assembled. The energy-saving scheme achieved three energy-saving schemes. The final assembly was completed after three days of continuous electrical aging test and waterproof test. The LED display finally showed stable performance and long display time, which has been unanimously favored by customers.

Based on this, Ivorian customers signed an order for 500 sets of LED displays screen with our company in September 2019, and they are very satisfied with this outdoor advertising LED display.

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