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Matters needing attention in the water treatment process of LED display

1. When water is found in the warehouse or the LED display screen, it should be dealt with urgently without delay.

2. Organize personnel to blow dry the LED display screen.

3. Do not put the LED display screen that has been flooded into the air box, it is easy to make the LED light boring.

4. When water enters the warehouse, the air box may enter water. All air boxes should be exposed to the sun to prevent moisture from volatilizing into the LED display screen after the box is installed.

5. Failure to handle all flooded LED displays in time may affect the stability of the screen to a greater or lesser extent. During emergency treatment, the screen may die continuously after the screen is powered on. Please pay attention to all the bosses. observe.

6. All water-ingressed LED display screens are in the flight case. After more than 72 hours, the screen has basically no repair value. Please handle it with caution.

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