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China’s LED Video Wall Equipment Manufacturers

CREUVIEW was founded: the company’s founder entered the LED display industry in 2010 and started as a general worker in the production line. He has done LED display module testing, LED lamp bead maintenance, LED display assembly testing, and Maintenance, LED display PCB design, LED display steel structure design, broad knowledge, rich accumulation, set up LED display company in 2019, committed to creating the CRUVIEW brand.

CREUVIEW has rich experience: First of all, our company has 10 years of experience in production, installation and commissioning of LED displays. Our products cover the current popular dual-signal data input. Dual power line backups can ensure the stable use of LED displays. Adopt domestic leading high-quality LED lights. Beads, with high-refresh IC and row matting, LED display shows better and clearer. Secondly, we specially developed the front maintenance LED module, which can be disassembled in front of a single module for easy maintenance. The LED rental screen can adopt the GOB process, which significantly improves the anti-collision and moisture resistance of the LED rental screen. Finally, in order to satisfy the customers’ indoor and outdoor display multi-purpose places, our company has developed a multi-functional interactive LED floor tile screen, which can realize the function of ground interactive display, mobile rental function of LED display, indoor and outdoor LED advertising display function; The superior performance is shown in the use of fully sealed waterproof, professional PC mask and bottom surface, to achieve anti-collision, waterproof, anti-corrosion effects, we can be sure that this LED display is at the leading level in the industry.

CREUVIEW products cover a wide range. We can provide LED displays for various occasions to ensure that every detail of the product is put in place. We will use high-quality products and perfect services to return customers at home and abroad. Welcome customers at home and abroad to visit the company and Guidance, look forward to your visit!

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