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Detailed solution for led indoor full color display | led screen

With the advent of the era of light and shadow, indoor LED displays are widely used in various fields. In order to better serve overseas friends, so that everyone can be more familiar with, understand, and apply LED displays. Now we introduce the detailed solutions and functions of indoor LED display to our overseas customers. […]

Advantages and wide application of LED rental screen

With the maturity of LED display technology, LED outdoor surface mount full-color mass production. Makes the LED rental display widely used in the light and shadow industry! This is also one of the focuses of future promotion! Collect and summarize some knowledge about LED rental screens here, hoping to help the majority of LED display […]

How to install indoor LED display?

In order to let more friends understand the installation of LED display, as a professional manufacturer of LED display in the industry, it is the responsibility and responsibility to introduce the correct installation method of the LED display to friends. The following are installation instructions and precautions for indoor LED display magnets, please refer to: […]

Precautions for operating LED display

With the rapid development of the LED industry and the widespread application of LED display screens, some merchants with LED electronic display screens do not fully understand the operation and use precautions of LED electronic screens, resulting in shortening the life of LED electronic display screens. As a manufacturer, based on the accumulation of some […]

Twelve steps to solve failures of LED display

1. The whole board is not bright: the board is not connected to the power supply; the input cable is reversed; the input and output are reversed; the positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed. 2. The board is not bright and the transmission is normal: the protection circuit damage solution can […]

China P3.91 outdoor SMD Rental led display Screen

When it comes to availing the best and most effective display lights for business, LED’s have a competitive edge. There is no denying the fact that LED displays generate energy-efficient results, both indoors and outdoors however, the outdoor LEDs have the ability to target multiple potential users at once without adding any more costs. There […]

China’s LED Video Wall Equipment Manufacturers

CREUVIEW was founded: the company’s founder entered the LED display industry in 2010 and started as a general worker in the production line. He has done LED display module testing, LED lamp bead maintenance, LED display assembly testing, and Maintenance, LED display PCB design, LED display steel structure design, broad knowledge, rich accumulation, set up LED display company in 2019, committed to creating the CRUVIEW brand.

Jamaica William Yapp Signs P5 Taxi Top Led Display Screen

In September 2019, WilliamYapp sent an inquiry to inquire about the LED display taxi top screen project; by giving detailed introductions including appearance, LED display function, color and size description, the customer roughly understood the LED taxi screen.