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What is the gray scale of LED display?

Color reproduction is achieved by the different brightness combinations of the three primary colors of red, green and blue. The brightness level of each primary color is called gray level. The wonderful degree of color reproduction depends on the number of gray levels of the three primary colors. The higher the value, the more realistic the color reproduction.
The realization of grayscale is realized by controlling the duty ratio of the current of the LED tube. We have developed mature 1024-level grayscale control technology and applied it to full-color LED display, enabling the full-color display to reproduce 16.67 million colors, which is at the leading domestic level.
In addition, we have adopted a unique g-correction technology. On the 1024 grayscales of the same primary color, if we simply use the equal-interval brightening technology, that is, each grayscale is divided into equal parts according to a linear law, the picture will be blurred and the sense of hierarchy will be poor. After careful analysis of the visual characteristics of the human eye, we took the lead in proposing and implementing the nonlinear step correction (ie g correction) technology according to the luminous characteristics of LEDs. This technology has a small level difference in the low-brightness area, and the number of gray levels is dense. Gradually, the level difference increases and the number of gray levels decreases in the high-brightness area. Finally, the “level difference consistency” in the visual effect is caused to ensure that the screen has a better visual effect. .

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