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What does Scan of the LED screen mean?

In the full-color, single-color, two-color series products of LED electronic display, the scanning methods are 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, static and so on. What if there is a difference? A simplest method is to count the number of LEDs on the LED large screen unit board and the number of 74HC595.
Calculation method: divide the number of leds by the number of 74HC595 and then divide by 8 = fractional scan
The real pixel LED electronic screen corresponds to the virtual LED electronic display screen: in short, the real pixel screen means that each of the three light-emitting tubes of red, green and blue that constitute the LED display only participates in one pixel at the end. imaging application to achieve satisfactory brightness.


The virtual pixel uses a software algorithm to control the end of each color light-emitting tube to participate in the imaging of multiple adjacent pixels, so that a larger resolution can be achieved with fewer light tubes, which can increase the display resolution by four times.
In the full-color LED display series products, there are 16 scans, 8 scans, 4 scans, etc., and there are differences between them as follows:
1. The scanning method of the LED screen is different;
2. The brightness of the LED screen is different (16s is less than 8s and less than 4s)
3. The quotations are different, which may be understood as the number of driver IC chips used (the same type of 16s is lower than 8s and lower than 4s)
The LED display screens on the current market can be roughly divided into two methods: static scanning and dynamic scanning! Static scanning is divided into static real pixels and static virtual! Dynamic scanning is also divided into dynamic real image and dynamic virtual, with 2 scans, 4 scans, 8 scans, and 16 scans.
To illustrate: an outdoor PH16 full-color LED display commonly used full-color module pixel is 16*8 (2R1G1B), if it is driven by MBI5026, the module uses:
16*8*(2+1+1)=512 lamps, MBI5026 is a 16-bit chip, 512/16=32
(1) If 32 MBI5026 chips are used, it is a static virtual
(2) If 16 MBI5026 chips are used, it is a dynamic 1/2 scan virtual
(3) If 8 MBI5026 chips are used, it is a dynamic 1/4 scan virtual
If two red lights are connected in series on the full-color LED display unit board
(4) Using 24 MBI5026 chips, it is a static real pixel
(5) With 12 MBI5026 chips, it is a dynamic 1/2 scan real pixel
(6) Using 6 MBI5026 chips, it is a dynamic 1/4 scan real pixel

How to choose the outdoor full color LED display model

The common ones are P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, P20 and other outdoor full-color LED displays. The outdoor LED display is in the form of DIP or SMD, and the commonly used form is SMD. If the outdoor LED display adopts the DIP form, that is to say, our three red, green and blue lights are separated, and each light is independent. There are three lights forming a pixel, forming an LED unit board. If it is a lamp bead in the form of SMD, the three lamps are combined into one lamp bead, which can effectively reduce the production cost, and the color mixing effect of this form is better.

Installation height

Installation height: According to our outdoor installation height, it can provide a good basis for us to choose the LED display model. If our installation height is higher and the screen area is larger, we can choose a larger LED display, such as P16, P20, etc.; otherwise, choose P10, P8, P6, P5, P4, P3, etc.

Installation method: The installation method is different, which is an important reference for us to choose the LED display box. Generally, in addition to the wall-mounted installation method, other installation methods, I recommend using a sealed box.

viewing distance

The nearest viewing distance is also one of the important references for choosing an outdoor full-color LED display.

Matters needing attention in the water treatment process of LED display

1. When water is found in the warehouse or the LED display screen, it should be dealt with urgently without delay.

2. Organize personnel to blow dry the LED display screen.

3. Do not put the LED display screen that has been flooded into the air box, it is easy to make the LED light boring.

4. When water enters the warehouse, the air box may enter water. All air boxes should be exposed to the sun to prevent moisture from volatilizing into the LED display screen after the box is installed.

5. Failure to handle all flooded LED displays in time may affect the stability of the screen to a greater or lesser extent. During emergency treatment, the screen may die continuously after the screen is powered on. Please pay attention to all the bosses. observe.

6. All water-ingressed LED display screens are in the flight case. After more than 72 hours, the screen has basically no repair value. Please handle it with caution.

The secret of preventing the aging of LED products

Aging is important for electronic products, and guarantee is the last step after product production. After debugging, LED products can improve product stability and ensure the stability of product use. A very important device, but it is used by people in many times and cannot be used as a correct and effective device.

1. The LED emission test is to improve the performance of the product according to the failure rate of the product, that is, the characteristics of the road map and the application goal, but the basis of this method, the life of the LED product that cultivates the mature test basis is long.

2. LED aging methods include constant current aging and constant finger pressure equipment. Constant current means that the current is constant at any time. If there is a frequency problem, it is not a constant current. Constant current aging is the most consistent LED current operating characteristic. , Is the most scientific LED aging method;

3. Overcurrent impact aging is also an aging method used. By using factory water, the current is permanently aging and aging, in order to judge the quality and life expectancy of the LED, it can pick out many faulty LEDs that are often aging and cannot be singled out.

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