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Overview of LED display

LED has the characteristics of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low driving voltage, ease of interface with a computer, and long replacement. The size of the screen can be seamlessly spliced ​​as needed, making LED the first choice for making flat panel displays.
Blue LED is a product that appeared in the late 1980s. The appearance of blue LED made full-color LED display possible. With the continuous decline in the price of blue LED chips, full-color LED display has gradually been applied, showing Bright prospects for the development of LED displays.
(1) Full-color-the light-emitting pixels that make up the LED display screen have three colors of red, green, and blue, and the combination of different gray levels of the three primary colors of transmission red, green and blue can better restore the colors of the natural world, with rich performance Theoretically speaking, its color reproduction ability exceeds that of TVs. Through the price drop of blue chips, the production cost of full-color screens continues to decrease, which will become the development direction of LED display screens.
(2) Video screen-Video screen means that the LED screen has a corresponding mapping relationship with the control computer display. The video screen has gray control and is displayed synchronously with the computer monitor. Therefore, it can play the animation, VCD, and connect with a special multimedia card. Play video signals with rich expressive power. The video screen cannot work without the computer. Generally, a computer controls a video screen.

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