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LED display chip and drive mode

At present, LED full-colour displays generally use (R) red lights for Guanglei and (G, B) green and blue lights for Silan. The high-end die brands unanimously recognized in the industry are CREE, AXT and Japan’s Nichia. Our company can also use the high-end die to produce full-colour LED displays according to customer requirements.
1. CREE: American chip, it has good stability, strong anti-static, etc. It has been unanimously recognized by peers in the use of outdoor display screens. The brightness of pure green tube is up to (1500mcd or more, wavelength: 522-527nm extracted) blue tube brightness (Above 300mcd, wavelength: extracted from 472-477nm)
The maximum to the minimum brightness of the CREE tube is 1:1.2, and the Nichia’s is 1:4, which is six times larger. The brightness difference of other tubes, such as the Taiwan tube, is even more significant, and the brightness balance effect of the CREE tube is due to the brightness. The ratio difference is small and better than other tubes. CREE’s wavelength error rate is plus or minus 0.5nm, while the Nichia wavelength error rate is plus or minus 4nm, which is 1.6 times higher. Other Taiwan tubes’ wavelength error rate exceeds plus or minus 4nm and is more significant than 1.6. Times. CREE adopts single-electrode packaging, which is the best anti-counterfeiting and no counterfeit products. However, Nichia tubes in the domestic market are not strong enough in anti-counterfeiting, and there are often fakes.
2. AXT: The AXT chip of the United States is divided by Dalian Lumei Company. Its brightness is high, and the stability is relatively good. This year, it has been used mostly in outdoor display screens among industry manufacturers. Our company uses a pure green tube with a brightness of more than 2000mcd, extracted from the wavelength of 523-528, and a blue tube with a brightness of more than 350mcd, and the wavelength: extracted from 622-627.
3. Taiwan Opto Lei and Guolian Red Tube are the most widely used in full-colour displays. The red tube’s brightness is above 650mcd, and the wavelength is extracted from 622-627.
4. The central wavelength of the LED display produced by our company is in the range of 5 nanometers, the led display chip size is 13mil or more than 14mil; the waterproof performance of the sealed box is IP65, the gray level is 256, the flatness is good, the white balance reaches 6000CD or more, The frame rate is above 60 Hz per second, and the refresh rate is 480 Hz per second. The above main performances have reached the industry-standard C level

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